Cat Batteries or Bust

Posted by Wyoming Machinery Company Marketing on Oct 13, 2017 4:09:08 PM

Cold Weather Kills Batteries

Don’t get stranded this winter

 Cat® Premium High Output (PHO) batteries are used in all Cat machines and generator sets. With equipment operating in rough terrain, a battery must withstand extreme vibration. That’s why Cat PHO batteries pass an exclusive 100-hour vibration resistance test, while competitive batteries meet either an 18 or 36 hour standard.

Cat PHO batteries exceed industry standards in all five of the following stringent tests:

  • 100 hour vibration test
  • 72 hour deep discharge/recharge cycle test
  • 30 day complete discharge test
  • Heavy-duty life cycle test
  • Cold soak test

A battery that lasts three times longer:

Most other competing battery brands do not apply such demanding standards, or go through some of these rigorous tests. Maybe that's why Cat PHO batteries are the highest-rated batteries in cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity available. We invest more time and resources to deliver the best battery possible to you - our valued customer. The end-result is a battery that lasts three times longer than other "competitive batteries." Cat Premium High Output and Deep Cycle batteries are for automotive and light truck, bus, RV, marine, industrial, agricultural, stationary power and recreational usage, too.

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