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Posted by Wyoming Machinery Company Marketing on Aug 17, 2017 3:20:17 PM

We stand for nothing less than 5 Star Contamination Control.

Wyoming Machinery Company has once again been awarded Caterpillar's 5 Star Contamination Control Award across four of our store locations. This prestigious award recognizes that Wyoming Machinery Company has adhered to over 120 standards in all phases of contamination control in our facilities.




What is contamination control?

• Contamination is anything in the fluid or in a component that doesn't belong.

• Particulate contaminants are the most common and controllable. They include such things as dirt, metals, weld spatter, paint flakes, rag fibers, and sealing materials. These can be built in, ingressed and generated internally.

• Heat, water and air also are also contaminants. These combine to break down the oil's chemical composition, forming oil oxidation and acids. Contamination control is either removing the contaminates from fluids or components, or preventing their introduction in the first place.


 Why contamination control?

• Customer demand for increased productivity has produced industry trends of  electro hydraulics, higher system pressures and extremely tight internal clearances.

• As a result of these trends, today's fluid systems (hydraulics, transmissions, final drives, engines, fuel) cannot tolerate previously accepted levels of dirt and other contaminants.

• Fluid contamination threatens reliability throughout the life cycle of today's machines and engines.

• Controlling fluid contamination requires a cultural change in the way Caterpillar products are designed, manufactured, maintained and serviced.




Benefits of controlling contamination:

• Improved component life and machine performance

• Lower costs and increased satisfaction

• Extended product and component life

• Reduced hazardous waste generation



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