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Posted by Wyoming Machinery Company Marketing on Jun 7, 2017 6:35:00 PM

Did you know Wyoming Machinery Company provides complete Well Stimulation Pump Repairs?

We aim to provide you with the highest quality repair for power ends by building back to other equipment manufacturer specifications.


Consumable Products

Quality craftsmanship is a guiding principle at Wyoming Machinery Company and we have made no exceptions with our Well Stimulation Pump consumable products. Our well stimulation parts product line supports a variety of common well stimulation pump manufacturers. 

Plungers: Wyoming Machinery Company offers high-quality plungers with a variety of coating options that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on operating conditions our trained specialist will help you select the option to best suit your needs. 

Packing: Our well-service pump packing options are all inclusive from moderate to severe service sealing designs. We offer both replacement and complete packing sets. 

Valves & Seats: Our complete, full-open valve assemblies offer robust construction for extended operational life. High temperature (up to 300°F) designs are also available.  

  • Reduces cause for fluid end washouts – Fluid is directed toward discharge valve.                          
  • Field proven, at least 2 times the life of competitor’s valves.                                                        
  • Reduced maintenance time and intervals.  

ch1_power_end_rebuild_focus.jpg     ch3_power_end_cutaway.jpg

A rebuild of the Well Stimulation Pump power end will include many key tasks critical to the life and quality of the rebuild, including:     

  • Inspection of many critical tolerances, such as crosshead guide tube minimum I.D., min/max dimensions for interference fit component and crankshaft and pinion floats.        
  • Removal and replacement of wear components lubrication systems such as bearings, gaskets, stay rods, seals, and lube lines.    
  • Replacement of major components such as gears, crankshafts, pinions, and crosshead assembly or frame.


There are three areas to focus on in a power end rebuild that are somewhat unique:   

  • Ensuring that the crosshead assembly moves smoothly.  
  • Ensuring that the float of the pinion and crankshaft have adequate travel to allow for operational movement.  
  • Gear timing.                               



Product Warranty

Reconditioned Well Stimulation Pumps come with a one (1) year Component Rebuild Center Warranty. If you have questions regarding our CRC Warranty, please contact Wyoming Machinery Company for more information.  (307) 472-1000



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