CERTIFIED USED EQUIPMENT: Confidence. Savings. Competitive Advantage.

Posted by Wyoming Machinery Company Marketing on Nov 16, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Reducing operating costs is a constant battle you fight to stay competitive. Because used equipment can offer you more features at lower cost, it is often worth considering.

But buying used requires an investment of another kind—legwork. To be confident in your purchase you have to shop the options—which can be many. Once you’ve got a list of possibilities, the real evaluation begins—doing inspections, getting some stick time, negotiating warranties and arranging transportation. It’s a lot of boxes to check, and you may still feel like you are taking on too much risk.  Fortunately, there is an alternative. Certified Used (or Pre-owned) equipment programs can check some of the boxes for you—plus offer even more ways to lower cost and increase confidence.


Certified programs require equipment to meet a standardized set of criteria and back up performance with a warranty, extended protection or both. If you’re considering a Certified Used machine, look for these advantages:

  • Equipment that is no more than five years old. Model years and service hours vary, but in general, machines selected for these programs are within 3–5 years of release with low service hours. Some dealers offer a premium tier of used that includes equipment they sold and maintained over the first years of its life, so they can provide proof of its maintenance and performance at purchase. If you can find a machine that was enrolled in a condition monitoring or maintenance agreement, you will have a transparent view of important historical data and more confidence in its ability to perform.
  • 100-plus-point inspections by dealer technicians. Programs typically include a multi-point inspection, needed service, general maintenance and replacement of worn parts, restoring the machine to a like-new performance level. Most programs use genuine OEM parts in their Certified Used equipment.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties vary based on the age and condition of the machine. Some programs offer a warranty plus extended protection for powertrain and hydraulics.This risk reduction is a strong advantage of buying a Certified Used machine. You may be able to negotiate an extended protection package at a reduced rate with the purchase of a Certified Used machine.
  • Telematics. Connectivity and data subscriptions are important to monitoring machine location, hours and health. With telematics included, buyers can have even more confidence that machine uptime will be maximized. If a free data subscription is not included, be sure to ask for one.
  • Financing. Some manufacturers also offer special financing packages for Certified Used equipment. You may be able to negotiate terms, rates or payment plans that add even more value to your used equipment purchase.
  • Owner and maintenance manuals. Manuals ensure your equipment will be operated and serviced correctly. Many manufacturers charge a fee to order additional manuals, so when it’s included, you get added savings.


Savings on used equipment don’t come just from the lower purchase price. When you consider the taxes, insurance, or interest charged on financed purchases, the cost difference between used and new is even greater. Telematics data can also help increase fuel efficiency and alert you to problems before they become costly failures—reducing your overall operating costs.


Certified Used equipment gives you the opportunity to get more machine features than you may be able to purchase new. Advanced hydraulics, comfortable cab, integrated technology such as grade control—you can expand your choices without expanding your budget.

Cat® Certified Used offers equipment that has completed a 140-point inspection, any needed service with genuine Cat parts, up-to-date maintenance, a Caterpillar warranty and telematics. Discover the competitive advantage a Cat Certified Used machine can add to your fleet.

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