Customer Spotlight: Serve Cheyenne

Posted by Wyoming Machinery Company Marketing on Jul 24, 2017 11:34:22 AM

Helping those who serve others is important to us.


Serve Cheyenne is celebrating 14 years of exceptional service in the Cheyenne area. Attention to quality is the reason they believe their company has been successful. From the people they hire, the jobs they perform, to the equipment they use, quality is top priority. Jerry Milsap currently owns three different pieces of Cat equipment: a 246C Skid Steer, a 289C Skid Steer, and a 420E Backhoe. When asked why he owns and operates Cat, his answer was simple, “Because it’s the best! I don’t even think I had been in a Cat prior to purchasing one, but they are very reliable; I know that I don’t have to worry about problems with the equipment.” For Jerry, purchasing quality equipment is important to him and his company. “When I drive up to a job site and the customer sees that I have Cat equipment, it shows that I value quality and will give them quality service.” He says, “I take pride in what I do, and that shows in the fact that I use Cat.”


Purchasing Cat equipment was an easy decision for Jerry, but it’s not only the equipment, it’s the relationship that he has built with Wyoming Machinery Company that has made him continue to use and support Cat. “I know that Wyoming Machinery Company will care about my problems, and they will listen and help find a solution that will work for me. They are on my team.” In the snow removal business everything is an emergency, and when your equipment is down you can’t support your customer. Jerry knows that with Wyoming Machinery Company, they will be there to help him support his customers, and he considers the relationship a partnership.

“The service after the sale is exceptional and it’s not just the mechanics of getting it arranged. I’ve always encountered friendliness and support from Wyoming Machinery Company.”

Being a local business owner, Jerry knew that purchasing Cat equipment was an investment, but Wyoming Machinery Company and Cat made it an easy choice for him. “I have always been lucky and found good deals for my equipment and was able to use Cat Finance for my purchase. The financing was a simple and easy process and they gave me financing options that I probably wouldn’t have gotten using anyone else.”


The motto of Serve Cheyenne is “We love to serve.” Jerry believes in providing quality service to his customers and knows the importance of continuing to provide the same level of service over and over again. Jerry stated, “When we answer the phone we say, 'how can we serve you today?' Wyoming Machinery helps me make serving my customers a reality every day.”

“I know that Wyoming Machinery Company will care about my problems, and they will listen and help find a solution that will work for me. They are on my team.”       - Jerry Millsap

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